The Lucky Miss Buck..

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The Lucky Miss… buck


Each Year I travel to NY to hunt where I grew up… And it has always been like my time off hunting spot, no cameraman, no minimums, nobody scrutinizing how/what/where I hunt just me my bow trying to outwit a weary buck… Most people don’t realize that once you made it into the spot light and are endorsing products so on so forth that the pressure to produce sometimes takes its toll and its nice just to get back to hunting for me…….

Ive been hunting on Long Island since I was a kid and its where I learned to hunt whitetail… LI deer can be some of the toughest deer to hunt very high pressure and minimal access to land.. and most of the guys that are successful have rights to private land that they manage or are like me and think outside the box on how and where they hunt…

One of the most special things about being able to hunt hear is that I get to bring my wife and kids and we get to visits with family so its always a much more laidback and enjoyable experience for me to be honest I cant stand being away from my wife and kids more than 3 days at a time so anytime I can hunt from home or have a situation like this I jump all over it…

I had been hunting a small tract of public land isolated by private land for the past 7 years and last year I gained access to this new chunk of land because I shot a buck that ran through a lady’s house an into another similar property and I had to go ask permission to trespass to get him… the good fortune of it was I women liked me and liked eating venison so I gained a new spot to hunt…

I spent the first couple of days hunting my old tract which wasn’t very productive just does and small bucks ….. But Each day after the morning hunt I would go scout the new place and I finally found where I wanted to hunt and hung my millennium tree- stand in this super crooked tree… over an old Road that bordered a swamp… I knew the deer where using the swamp to bed and coming out into the oak flat to feed at night. I utilized a little trick I had learned awhile back by clearing the leaves around my stand and exposing the acorns for the deer making it easier for them to feed in that spot then spraying buck juice all over that area to help bring them to me… coupled with finding the bedding exits and scrape lines I knew I was gonna get a good buck in this area..

After the morning hunt in my old stand I checked scout look weather app and I saw there was a minor feed between 1 and 4 so I knew I had to get into the stand early… As  I was creeping into the stand I saw smaller buck standing in the scrape so I decide to try and take em I snuck to about 70 yards and I knew I couldn’t get any closer without getting busted and I let one fly…. The buck jumped the string and took off running and my arrow sailed harmlessly over his back…. Oh well I was kinda happy I didn’t hit him in a way he was young and I don’t know if in my heart of hearts I really wanted  to just shoot any old buck…

I regained my composure and I hopped up into my stand for the long 45 min wait before my first buck of the season would pop out… I could see him working his scrape line coming down the rd and feeding on acorns I was so worked up I almost forgot to hit record… I got the camera set and gopro on and he stepped out into my opening and I let him have it… 26yards…. Now I don’t usually like taking quarter to shots….who am I kidding I do it all the time and have killed at least 7 deer that way… especially from an elevated position and none of them have gone very far including this guy…..

Before you start hating on me…. You hunt you and I will hunt me… that being said

In hind sight I probably could have waited him out he was calm and feeding and I could have chosen a higher percentage shot… I was having a slow year and I was anxious to get one on the books so I rushed it a bit…. but the deer was on the ground and I felt a lot of the pressure that was mounting up kinda melt away and this buck kinda made remember to have fun and not take it all too seriously ….. join me next week for the conclusion of this hunt… thanks for joining us and we will see ya out in the field

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