Mountain Stalker

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A lot of us fall short when it comes to getting close, and most of it has to do with practice and understanding when and where to step, reading body language of the animal your stalking and being patient etc. etc. etc..

However, a good portion of being sneaky and being able to close the distance is in your physical condition and how you practice. “tip toeing in” on a big buck or bull requires balance and precision movements…. You may be able to run up a mountain faster then everyone else but dosent mean you have the muscle control to “place your feet” and make precise movements… That’s why its important to incorporate movements that increase your sneakiness ….


Anterior Step Downs: standing on the ball of your left leg at the edge of a box or tall step very slowly and controlled lower your right leg down and touch just your heal softly to the floor and then slowly back up switch legs and repeat. Do 20 reps and 3 sets

Bear Crawl: Get down on your hands and feet keep your butt down and move slowly for 30 yards 3-5 sets

Stair Stalkers: try to find a stair well that is at least 3 flights of stairs. sprit up the stairs contacting each step with both feet then when you get to the top very slowly come down trying to make as little noise as possible control the contact of your foot impacting the step. 3-6 sets depending how many flights you are running up

Single Leg work: Standing one leg preferably barefoot and holding opposite leg in front in high knee position (like the Captain) using dumbbells do a set of 10-15 reps alternating push press or military press.. then switch legs and o the same… On the next set try lateral raises or curls…. do 3-4 sets. The idea here is to add different acting forces while you are trying to maintain balance.. If standing on the floor is easy then stand on a mat or a pillow as you get better keep trying platforms that are less and less stable (thicker mats or pillows)..

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