Just Got back From New Mexico

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Well we were hunting the last four days in NM for turkey, We experienced some crazy weather, which we often do in spring above 7,000 feet temps ranged from 20-75 deg we got hailed on, sleet, rain, 40 mph winds, and bright sunny hot days unreal. The Brids were not talking we heard maybe 5 gobbles the whole time, we end up having to pattern them like deer in early season, locate sign and intercept them to and from water holes and favorite feeding sites. it was kinda of a bust in the sense we did not score we only saw jakes and hens. Big woods turkey hunting is far differnt then hunting in agrculture I will tell you that!
Anyway, we did get the chance to set up a spot for my one of my prostaff to hunt elk, and we had some time to come up with plans for developing his land into a hunting hot spot. He is surrounded by Cibola national forest what a beautiful place. Elk and deer every where! It is a good unit to apply for the elk draw for sure.

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