Get Fit for Stone Sheep

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Get Fit for Stone Sheep


–>Last Year we had the opportunity to hunt stone sheep and let me tell you how unprepared we all were. We looked like a bunch of veteran smokers with severe asthma. I did not score, and I blew a chance of a lifetime away. Well after that I was determined to never get caught off my game like that again. This season I have upped my cardio and added this regime to my work out repertoire:

Interval Training: “Running interval, or sprints burns more fat and increase aerobic endurance 3x as much as running at slower constant speeds” According to experts at University of New South Wales

Start by taking a baseline measurement of your endurance at high speeds. Head to a field with measured areas like a football field etc. Sprint for 45secs and record your distance. Rest for 60 seconds and then repeat. 10-15% drop in distance is excellent 16%-25% is normal less then that you got work to do!

You should check your progress every week, the same way.

Mon/Wed/Fri work out

Jog for 2 minutes as a warm up and be sure to stretch after the jog

Do these exercises first then the intervals below:

1) Prisoner Squat: stand with your hands behind your head, feet a little wider then shoulder width and squat down as close to 90 degrees as possible. Keeping your back straight, abs and gluts tight do 10 reps

2) Waiter’s Bow: Legs together keep head and back in line bend forward until your torso is parallel with the floor then back up. Do this motion slowly 10 reps

3) Elbow to Instep Lunge: stand feet even shoulder width step forward with left leg and place right hand on floor and place your left elbow against your left instep and explode back up. Do 10 reps the switch to right side

4) Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift: stand on one leg keep back straight bend forward at the hips until parallel with the floor while reaching for the floor with both hands then back up. 10 reps on each side


1) 1 sprint at 50% effort for 60 seconds then rest 60 seconds.

2) 1 sprint at 75% effort for 60 seconds then rest 60 seconds.

3) 3-6 sprints at 100% for 30 seconds with 90 second rests in between

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