Body Shock Principle

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Body Shock Principle


–>The Body Shock Principle Fitness for hunters can be an all-encompassing subject. I mean we need endurance, strength, stamina, and flexibility.

But more than anything we need to motivate ourselves to actually get down and get into shape. For me, the trick is to make it fun and a mental/physical challenge.

You have to play mental games with yourself and constantly keep it interesting. Luckily, by constantly changing what you are doing you are bringing into the situation the “Body Shock Principle”. In order to maintain and create muscular growth, you have to change the angle and type of stress placed on any particular muscle group. So how do you accomplish “Shocking” your body into growth? Step 1 Change the stress placed on your body (muscle groups in particular). By stress I am talking about four different factors: Weight- increasing or decreasing the amount of poundage being used. Duration- constantly change the duration of your workouts; make some longer than others, than shorten workouts for a time period in order to allow recovery.

Frequency- modifies the how frequently you work out. Adjust the number of days per week you actually hit the gym. Some weeks make it 5 days per week, and then change it to three. Intensity- on one work out work yourself to a level 9 intensity, then the next work out bring it down to a 5. This will also help with recovery and keep your body guessing. Step 2 Change the “Type” of workout you do.

Here are some examples: EXAMPLE #1- The Body Weight Workout Do a workout comprised totally of “Body Weight Exercises”. Workout using things like push-ups, dips and pull-ups in order to build your strength and cardiovascular abilities.

EXAMPLE #2- The Medicine Ball Workout Using a heavy weighted “Medicine Ball” develop a workout. There are tons of exercises that can be done with the medicine ball. Lifting, throwing, pushing and pulling all of these movements can be done with a medicine ball.

EXAMPLE #3- The Weights Workout This is the type of workout that most people think of when they think of a gym workout. Lifting weights in order to build muscular strength and endurance is a great way to get and stay in shape. The types of workouts for weights workouts are as varied as the people who lift weights. All of these examples will help you get into shape for a hunt, and shock your body into growth. Along with each of these workouts it is important to always do your hiking and varied cardio, as that simulates the movements for hunting the most. But the issue is…you can only get out and hike but so many times per week (maybe once or twice).

The examples above are workouts that take approximately 45 to 50 minutes and can be done roughly three to four times per week. Now that is effective time management!!!

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