Buidling the prefect arrow for hunting

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Building the prefect arrow for hunting :

Understanding FOC, arrow sets up and choosing the right arrow for you

Building the perfect arrow Tim Gillingham of Gold tip arrows put together this quick video that has a lot of good info and then followed it up with this good video on broadhead alignment

I did a podcast with Tim Gillingham a few months back on understanding arrows and how to choose the right arrow for you .

I also did a podcast with Bob Donahoe on FOC and understanding the flight of the arrow. Getting the most performance out of your arrow setups has a lot to do with arrow balance listen to this episode to get a deeper understanding of arrow FOC.


Once you build the prefect arrow you can start tuning your bow properly. I did a podcast with Shane Chuning on bow set ups and tuning your bow. And this video podcast with Tony Cuchiara on walk back tuning your bow.



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