Southwest Mountain Hunts workout

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Work out designed for the hunter who doesn’t have time to go to the gym. Work Out of the Month Mandatory disclaimer: before starting any work out regiment make sure to consult your doctor or medical professional before starting out.

 Coues Deer Hunt:  Hunting in the Mountains of the  Southwest part of the U.S. Arizona-New Mexico-Mexico where these little guys live is no joke. The average hunt lasts approximately 5 to 10 days. In the Southwest part of the country this takes place mostly in high country, at elevation for 2500 to 7000 feet above sea level. What does this mean to you: 1. Its hard to breathe 2. Less atmospheric pressure 3. Its really hard on bones and joints To add to the problems it is a long hike in (if you really want to see any game) along with a day back pack with water, food, binoculars, first aid, tripod, two way radio, G.P.S., rifle, hand gun and any other important things you need. Between everything involved, the weight of the pack and your other stuff comes up to 50 pounds easily. Wow, so basically what I’m saying is, you need to train like a New York Firefighter. We have put together a work out program to help with lower body, upper body and small connective muscle groups (core strength) most of my work out program will help you hike longer and farther. Sit without pain, glass without moving or getting tired (creating an over all better hunt). The commitment you must make is to workout three times per week, one to two hours for on month before the hunt. You have to be able to really commit otherwise you won’t be able to keep it up. So let’s get started, shall we. When you work out for the first two weeks don’t over do it, less is more. At this point of your training you just want to get a feel for the work out don’t burn yourself out and most of all don’t hurt yourself. If you have any questions please contact me at or at email address here. Equipment needed Straight bar with 25 pounds on each side and a pull-up bar Pull-ups, pull-ups, pull-ups, this is the most important work out in any training. Not doing pull-ups is like not having bullets for your gun. Warm up Slow walk on treadmill or outside 7 minutes Jump-rope 2 min (that’s a full 2 minutes) Stretch: • Touch your toes for 20 seconds, for 2 times • Quad stretch, grab your foot with the opposite arm and pull up for 20 seconds hold for 2 times. • Downward dog stretch, lay flat on your stomach and put your arms in a push up position and rise up through your arms and upper torso, leaving your pelvis on the ground with legs on the floor. Hold twice for 20 seconds You can also include any other type of stretch that you are familiar with. Week #1 This work out is to be done three days per week, Section #1 1-5 pull-ups, do this 4 times (sets) Squats (light weights) 1-5 repetitions do this 4 times (sets) Take a one-minute reset in between sets, and a two minute rest in between exercises. Remember, do not stop all together, if you are breathing hard, that is a good thing. After you have completed jump rope for 2 minutes with a light stretch for 20 seconds two times. Section #2 Clean and press with very light weight, please see demonstration here (create hyperlink) Do 1-5 repetitions for 4 sets Push-ups, 1-5 repetitions, for 4 sets. Section #3 Cool down is also important, most people even trained athletes fail to perform this very important step. A simple cool down is to take the wife, girlfriend, children, friend or dog for a walk. Whatever you do, don’t go from a strenuous workout to just sitting down with a beer and some junk food. Performing these exercises will prolong your hunt and also make it more enjoyable. If you have any question look me up on

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