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If you have been poking around the gym or fitness magazines for the last few years you have heard the term Active rest

Active rest was developed by trainers to give athletes a light day in between their heavy workouts . Not to long ago, Athletes were encouraged to rest completely after a competition or take a day off after a big workout.  But newer research shows that engaging in low-intensity exercise during “rest” is better for maintaining fitness levels.  Low-intensity exercise flushes out lactic acid and delivers healing oxygen to the muscles. Well even newer research shows that applying this same principle within your workouts, using low intensity lifts or movements in between “work sets” can be even more beneficial.  No more 2 min rests in between sets….. constant motion principles applied correctly can not only get you to your goals faster but also limit the amount of time you spend in the gym.

Here is one of my favorite workouts utilizing constant motion or active rest


The rest come from shifting body zones or muscle groups after each exercise….. giving the muscle group you just worked a rest.


Rope anterior raises for time 1 min

ball crunch 30 reps

Single leg dead lift 15-20 reps each leg

Sumo row 20 reps

heavy bag flips 20 reps

3 Sets:

rope lateral raises for time 1 min

V ups on bosu ball 20 reps

kettle bell swings 20 reps

Bosu Ball push ups 20 reps

Medicine Ball squat and throw 20 reps ( or wall balls)


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