Why Hunt Fit?

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Even though I am Professional hunter by trade very few people know that in another life I was in the health and wellness industry, having a degree in Exercise Physiology and being a certified athletic trainer I worked in preventive medicine clinics and with sports teams developing sports specific training programs… so when my hunting career took off and I left this part of my life behind I always wanted to find a way to incorporate this part of me into my hunting lifestyle, so a few years ago we developed hunt fit, which was only available to the members of THC. We decided a few months ago to bring it back to the public as a blog but still giving our members exclusive content like sport specific training videos and a support line to help develop their hunting related training..

From here forward we will be adding workouts, archery related training programs, meal plans and other related information that are all geared to help you achieve your goals in hunting and fitness…

If you are not a member of The Hunting Channel and would like to follow our Hunt fit blog we encourage you to do so by following us on facebook  if you are interested in all that THC has to offer click here to get an exclusive deal for our fitness minded members… $25 for a lifetime full membership


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