Shoot Under Pressure

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Shoot Under Pressure

Shoot Under Pressure It may sound silly but hunting is a sport and you the hunter are athletes. It is very important to train you body to handle those activities that you will encounter in the field. For this workout you will need your bow and a field or and area that you can safely run and shoot your bow. I suppose you can do this with a rifle as well but you have to be extremely careful you check all your surroundings and where your shooting. It is a very simple exercise. Begin by setting up a target at your medium distance, your half way point or your middle pin. Draw a shooting line. Then draw a line 60 yards behind your shooting line, this is your starting line. Place your bow and six arrows at the shooting line. *****Make sure you warm up and stretch entire body and especially your legs back and arms. Begin at starting line sprint from starting line to shooting line immediately pick up you r bow, knock an arrow, and shoot. Try to shoot as quickly as possible. Walk back to the starting line and as soon as you get there turn around and run back to shooting line again. Repeat until you shoot all six arrows. Retrieve your arrows this is your rest. Set your bow and arrows back at the shooting line Now instead of sprints do 20 push ups and 20 crunches then shoot, no rest in between sets. That’s is short and sweet. By doing this workout you are A) learning how to shoot under pressure B) Learning how to shoot when your heart is pumping uncontrollably as it may when that bruiser comes in C) it’s a great fun cardio workout D) Helps make your shots more instinctual

Check out this video to help you practice

Little tricks like this and shooting precise eqiupment like the Mathews Creed will allow you to get to a highe rlevel of archery shooting and make shots like this.

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