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So my good friend Mark Gannon:  physical therapist and die hard bowhunter shared with me one of his kickass workouts….

” It is my favorite Metabolic Conditioning workout.  I usually perform it at the end of strength days due to the lack of eccentric movements on the limbs that decrease the additional DOMS.”

Mark Gannon PT, DPT, OCS, CSCS


I call it Ox:


5-10 rounds


Sled pull walking backwards 200-400lbs approximately 75 feet.


Sled push back to starting position. No rest between pull and push


Farmers walk 75 feet turn around (alternate the direction of the turn to work the trunk muscled to each side during each round) Can use farmer walk handles, heavy kettlebells, heavy dumbbells, 5 gallon buckets or plastic polleys, and even light barbells.  I usually use 110-135 per side on the farmer’s walk handles.


Barbell rollouts with 25-45 lb plates on the bar x 5 reps. (I rotate in parallete pushups, dead hang pull-ups, hanging leg raises and Turkish get-ups depending on what accessory movement I feel that I need for that day or that week.)



I think this is a great partner or group workout because each station can be set up and then the participants cycle through each exercise with one keeping track of the number of rounds. The more partners allows for a 10-15 second rest between the next round which allows for a higher heart rate during the movement to calm down to a more aerobic level of 60% max HR.


I vary the weight and the number of round depending on where I’m at in my periodization and how much time I have for that day’s workout.  If I’m in a strength cycle I go heavy weight and lower rounds.  If I haven’t performed it in several months then I keep things moderate in terms of weight and rounds.  If it’s closer to hunting season then I try to keep it a little lighter and perform 10 rounds with less rest between to keep my heart rate up.


You and the THC Crew Enjoy…………



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