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Win a Coues Deer Hunt With John Stallone

Win a Coues Deer Hunt With John Stallone

For just $25 Get a lifetime membership, a copy of the scent free manual, and get entered a chance to win a fully guided Coues Deer Hunt With John Stallone and be on an episode of Days in The Wild Tv Show. A 1-1000 chance of winning. That’s right we are only giving this deal to the first 1000 people who join using promo code BLOG and it is a separate drawing then an our other hunts.

You gotta be a fool to pass up this up! A $300 membership, a $15 free gift and chance at winning a $5,500 hunt…. all for $25. Heck I’ve spent more on a burger and beer!

Plus as a member you get the following benefits: Streaming HD video 24/7 on any devise, 10-30% discounts on guided hunts and gear, learn how to become a better hunter or hunt a species you have never hunter from our world famous hunting university, ask any hunting question to our hunting pros, plan a hunt with our hunters resource center, Plus much much more….. and all for $25 Just use promo code BLOG JOIN HERE