AZ Mountain Lion, Bear and Bobcat Ban

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I was going to write a whole article on the importance of Mtn Lion, bear and bobcat hunting but its better for you to listen to the podcast

Those that would like to see all hunting go away are making another play to push their agenda under the radar by having their followers send comments opposing the legal hunting of Mt Lions, Bears and Bobcats effectively  laying  the foundation during the open comment period for AZGFD rulemaking to get these hunts banned. If gone unchecked they will succeed in not only getting these hunts removed but: 1) Destroying the ungulate population in AZ  2) Setting precedence to have it banned in other states 3)  Removing an important source of revenue for wildlife management. Please don’t allow these organizations to ruin the deer and elk herd and don’t let your fellow hunter stand alone to fight for what they love. Take action and HOWL for wildlife    

Please visit HOWL To Take a stand 

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