Catch Some Rays, Hang with your kids and get Strong…

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pool flys 3 photo fly4If it was good enough for Mohamed Ali its good enough for me….

One of the things I like to do get in a good workout, to build stability, and chill with my kids.. is to do a pool work out. This very simple workout will help you build stabilizer muscles needed to be an accurate shooter and is a descent cardio workout as well.



Pool Flys: stand in shoulder height water… with ridged arms and open hands open and close your arms at a steady pace. Essentially clapping your hands out in front to of you and bringing your hands back passed your torso on the back swing getting the full range of motion. working both the anterior and posterior muscle groups 100 reps


Oblique Knee ups: holding yourself in a Plank-like position or push up position bring your right knee up to you right elbow and back to start position, now do the same for left. alternate back and fourth for 100 reps







obliques poolPool Knee Ups: In same plank position bring both knees up to your elbows at moderate pace and back out quickly. 100 reps


High knee sprints: in chest high water at a running pace for 5 mins run in place with knees coming to waist height










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