Let’s Fund Bear Research!

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April 21 2022  California’s Fish and Wildlife Commission voted 4-0 to reject the HSUS petition to shut down Black Bear hunting in California. The #1 reason cited for its continuance was the SCIENCE.

That’s why the Arkansas Black Bear Collaring Project is so important. We are raising money to help @arkansasgameandfish to collect incredible information on a new Black Bear Zones. That information will help them sustainably manage their population as well as push back when needed!

Help us, Help them! Fundraising for Blood Origins Inc

Join our team @Howl_org, raise more money than anyone else, and win an expedition of a lifetime! Go help the AGFC biologists with collaring bears and even get to collect data on the Bear cubs with the denning females!

You CANNOT do this anywhere else. A once in a lifetime opportunity!!


PLUS – every $ raised is matched dollar for dollar thanks to the Wildlife Education center at @legendsranch and the @cabelafamilyfoundation

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