What to Get in Shape? Dont know where to start?

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Many people start off wanting to get in shape or at least improve their current condition with great intentions…. Many don’t know where to begin or what to do….. Well if you can navigate the internet its not too hard to find workouts and meal plans to suit your needs but what most people don’t know the key to success is not really in the what, when and how…. but in the why…

What do I mean by this…. Well research shows the most important thing to living healthy and staying/getting in “shape” is to achieve the mindset to get there first…. Sounds a bit confusing…but its not… The 4 most important factors to developing a healthy lifestyle: Motivation, Acclamation, building the habit, and achieving goals…

So how to we do this….. Hunt Fit is gonna issue you a 30 day challenge that will hit all 4 of these…..

For the next 2 weeks:

Cut out soft drinks, bread, pasta, and high fats

Wake up each morning drink 12oz of water

5 days a week Do 20 crunches, 20 push ups, 20 body weight squats……….  simple right!!!!!!!

3rd week: Start eating more “clean” stick to lean meats and veggies……Add 15reps per side Single leg deadlift without weight to the workout and increase the reps 5-10 on the other exercises

Week 4: try to do 2 sets of each of the exercises…… still drinking a full glass of water each morning…

Do this all while checking with us on this facebook post  

All of this sounds pretty simple and relatively easy to do…. so what did we achieve here… Well most importantly we developed a habit and we began to set your metabolic clock, drinking the glass of water before anything else kick starts your metabolism and working out first thing every morning sets the pace for your metabolism for the day.. We also started to acclimate your body to exercising without killing you right off the bat. By not killing your self right off the back allows you to reach each mile mark and keeps you moving in the right direction….  The motivation comes from checking in with us and showing that you excepted the challenge