As good as any Pope and Young Buck!

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I’ve been filming outdoor TV for 10 years I’ve learned a lot in that time and have come a long way from where I started. One of the things I learned is that I love sharing my hunts with the world almost as much as I love hunting.. There is something about it that I cant explain… I love having all of you with me sharing my successes, my defeats… experiencing through my eyes the adventures we go on.

It isn’t always easy… I fact it dam hard to make it all come together and my hunting has suffered for it, there have been countless times I was forced to pass up trophies.. that I kick myself for not taking because the camera comes first…. So when I get recognized for filming and producing it makes me feel like I just scored the buck of a lifetime… Because Me, Levi Paul, Omar Zuniga and the rest of my crew bust our asses to bring you what we do…. So thank you for sticking in there with us for the past ten years…. And thank all my Sponsors for helping us make it all happen…

So what am I ranting about well recently we entered one of our Hunts into The Salt Lake Outdoor Film Expo Hosted by Tim Wells and Zac Griffith and we were nominated top 5 films and end up getting voted final 2 to be aired at the Expo…. That in itself was cool…The votes were done on facebook and it felt good to be recognized…. But that was just the beginning, I started to get calls from my peers telling me how much they love my intro “it really hit home”, we made most watched list on youtube for a day… outdoor Hub did a piece on us, Whitetail Slam TV wants to feature us again so look for us on Whitetail Slam TV…

Just one good thing after another and really………….. I just want to say thanks to my 56,000 viewers on THC, My 4,000 Youtube Subscribers, Twitter followers and all my friends on facebook  because without you these films would be for nothing…. The Crew of Days in the Wild and all of us at THC appreciate each and everyone of you….


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