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A bow that is 4" wide, 7" high and takes down big game.Type: Channel TV Show
HuntFishCook - Nebraska Duck Opener and Elk Chile Colorado
Warm weather, at least for Nebraska, and it's the duck opener. Donny is joined by gunners Mark Craig and Mike Hammerlun as they put it to 'em. Chef Scott Leysath shows how to slow-cook antlered game trim into a tasty Chile Colorado.Type: Channel TV Show
Little Shockwave
Watch as the bullet creates a small shockwave that passes right by the coyotes head. It actually clips the hair on the side of his face.Type: Channel TV Show
Hot Weather Dogs
Hunting coyotes at the end of 9 weeks of 100+ degrees weather. Today the weather is cooling off. Watch how the yotes react to the callType: Channel TV Show
Yotes in the Backyard part 1
See how exciting hunting behind you house can be.Type: Channel TV Show
Backyard yotes part 2
It is fund hunting for coyotes right out of your back yard. See what happensType: Channel TV Show
What M&P use when predator hunting?
some of the products we use on M&P's Coyote Tales. Most of these are not paid sponsorsType: Channel TV Show
Close Encounter with a coyote
We show the reactions between a coyote and our Dog She-Thead.Type: Channel TV Show
The Quick & the Dead
Just how quick can a coyote show up at your caller/decoy? Watch and find outType: Channel TV Show
Cow Dogs
How coyotes react around a herd of cows?? Watch & seeType: Channel TV Show
Bear baiting in Maine
Maine is one of the few places that allows hunters to place baits for bear hunting. This is a short clip from a trail camera showing a sow and her cub visiting a bait site prior to hunting season. A true sportsman does NOT hunt a sow with a cub, and passes on a shot like this for more suitable game later.Type: Channel TV Show
Crappie Fishing on Bob Sandlin with the Game Warden Heath Taylor.
Catching a lot of nice crappie with family & friendsType: Channel TV Show
Murphy Master Hunter Flat Coated Retriever - Sit to Flush dog training
In this episode, Cliff travels to northern California and to the dog training ranch of Dobbs Training. Professional dog trainer, Jim Dobbs, and handler, Cindy, present an advanced training program for "sit to flush".This advanced technique allows for more control of the retriever, more distance between the flushed game bird and the dog for safer and additional shooting opportunities. With this technique the retriever will have a better focus on the bird and fall to facilitate the retrieve.Cindy is using her flat coated retriever, "Murphy". Murphy is an AKC Master Hunter Title Retriever and one of the very few Flat Coated Retrievers to accomplish that high level of training.***This episode is dedicated to Murphy. Am/International CH Flatford's Eddie Murphy CD MH WCX** CGC. August 2003 - August 2012Cindy and Murphy would take each other far, learning from each other along the way, and never forgetting that it was the joy in the journey that mattered the most. Murphy got off to a promising start by earning a National Specialty field JAM in USS-B at 9 months. The following year, at 19 months, he earned his WCX, a Derby 2nd, and WON the National Specialty Steady Singles Championship! He finished his AKC Senior Hunter title at 25 months and then his AKC Master Hunter title and CD at 3 years. At a later National Specialty, he won the Steady Singles Reserve JAM and first place in Field Trial Dogs. In retirement, he continued to enjoy an active life full of retrieving and swimming and owning the world and a special place in Cindy's heart.***Type: Channel TV Show
Hunting Tutorial: Skinning and Quartering Deer and other Big Game - Dustin's Mad Minutes
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Joella Bates the only woman to take all five of the big game in Africa with a bow.
This is a different wedding.Type: Channel TV Show
In Your Face Turkey Hunt
Some of our Past Turkey hunts that got right in our face and Turkeys doing amazing things.Type: Channel TV Show
We are Critter Done
Our calls being used in the Field and on Stage.Type: Channel TV Show
Dead Ringer Double
Cody Wright doubles up with Dead Ringer's Kill Switch and Trauma broadheads out of a Big Game VS360 ground blind. Don't forget to watch until the very end to hear about how Cody utilized Eyecon trail cams to scout well before he arrived.Type: Channel TV Show
Bugling Bulls w/ Kalen Lenz
Kalen Lenz heads west in pursuit of Big Bull Elk, and he along with a friend fill two tags.Type: Channel TV Show
Scent Elimination
One of the greatest challenges a hunter faces in the woods is countering the ability of their game to smell them. In this video I explain a few easy steps to eliminate odor and stay undetected.Type: Channel TV Show
The end of Ice fishing season and an outdoor show
With the end of Ice fishing season starts a whole new time of year. We visited the Jaffa Shrine outdoor show for the 6th year in a row and had a great time in the Mountain Hollow Game Calls Booth.Type: Channel TV Show
a very senior solocam bowhunter hunts whitetail bucks in Illinois and KentuckyType: Channel TV Show
Thunder Rolls - Turkey Hunting Ohio 2016
Luke Fabian struggled through the 2016 Ohio turkey season. With birds being quiet and not cooperating it made for a tough and drawn out season. See if he can seal the deal on a longbeard with just a week left in the season.Type: Channel TV Show
The Freshman Bow Hunter "INCEPTION"
Join High Desert Outdoors' cameraman and pro staff, Japheth Singleton on his first ever big game bow hunt. A rookie team sets off into the back country in search of elk, adventure & themselves.Type: Channel TV Show
Single Shot Shotgun Dove Hunting 2019
Sniped Hunting Outlaws Ric Sho & Mike the Greek, Jayce take you along the Rio Grande hunting dove in New Mexico on opening day with single shot shotguns New Mexico True Casadores #newmexicotrue #newmexicocasadores #huntingnewmexico #smallgamehunting #dovehunting #snipedhuntingoutlawsType: Channel TV Show