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Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped TV show
Host Chris Bates and Stephaine calabro are talking turkey with 14yr old Austin Buttle of Bennington VermontType: Channel TV Show
SSF Youth whitetail deer hunt 2012
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped (Northshire Brewery)
Chris Bates And Stephanie Calabro are on Location at the Northshire Brewery in this 2 part showKerry Mara (Timber Quest)Type: Channel TV Show
Challenged Outdoorsmen Deer hunt
Think you can't do it. Watch this show & you will feel different.Type: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped Radio/ TV show
Here is show host Chris Bates and Stephanie Calabro having some fun on a remote broadcast at the northshire brewery in Bennington VermontOur Guests are Greg Videtto Goose Masterz guide,Kevin Hoyt (The future of Hunting) Mark Kruse talking all about Dock DogsType: Channel TV Show
Alabama Bucks - Backwoods Life 9.9 Full Episode
The Backwoods Life crew is deer hunting in the great state of Alabama and the bucks are on the move! Michael Lee, Kevin Knighton, Jeremy Johnson, and Justin Moore all are hitting the woods of Alabama.Type: Channel TV Show
COA Youth hunt with application for this years hunt
Watch a lot of youths having some fun & taking some deers.Type: Channel TV Show
Deer aging wit Penny Wilkerson TPWD Wildlife Biologist.
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Big Kansas Bucks - Backwoods Life 9.11 Full Episode
Michael Lee, Ryan Whitaker, and Woody Sullivan all head to the great state of Kansas hunting whitetail deer with their Elite bows.Type: Channel TV Show
Whitetails and Youth Turkey
RO Co-Host, Gary Kintner hunts whitetails and the RO Crew guide a youth turkey hunter to success!Type: Channel TV Show
Youth Turkey Hunts
The RO Crew takes advantage of NY's youth turkey weekend and guide 3 hunters to success.Type: Channel TV Show
Hits and Misses
Hits and Misses...The RO Crew experiences some difficulties during turkey season.Type: Channel TV Show
Bow Hunting
Travis smokes a good Doe for the freezer.Type: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets unwrapped
Chris Bates and Stephanie Calabro talking about Chris kissing a guy at the bar and Ted Hoag (Nemer Motors talking about Tow packages for you Hunting/Fishing TucksType: Channel TV Show
HB 4.13 - "Honkers"
After a ton of hours spent on stand during deer season, the crew gets together to hunt some geese with the bows.Type: Channel TV Show
The QDM show
The crew is contributing to managing the deer herd all the way up until the last day of season.Type: Channel TV Show
Turkey harvest, self filmed bowhunt
Travis takes a Turkey with his bow.Type: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped
Talking Guns with Tom DeckerType: Channel TV Show
Bow Hunting, Ethan takes a nice Doe
Ethan and Max go bow hunting, Max has a equipment issue and Ethan shoots a great management Doe.Type: Channel TV Show
Bow Hunting, Travis takes a Big 10 point
Travis and I split up this morning NOVEMBER 9th hoping to increase our odds at one of us taking a Buck on video. Here's what happen with Travis.Type: Channel TV Show
Bow Hunting, Joe's Buck Nov. 19th Self Filmed 2013
On Nov.9th Travis and I went hunting together. After hunting all year together we decided to split up hoping to increase our odds at taking a good buck, each of us had our camera's.Turns out we both got a buck! Here's how it went down for me.Type: Channel TV Show
Rockwell Outdoors: Episode 4 Outdoor Madness
Cold weather get to Mark and Kelly in a turkey blind. Then they head to Nashville for the NWTF show.Type: Channel TV Show
Rifle Hunt, Doe Harvest 2013
After 9 days of hunting the 11 day Missouri firearms season I decided to use my antler-less bonus tag. I have only seen one shooter buck and couldn't get the camera on him so I did not shoot.Type: Channel TV Show
Bow Season Highlights
A short look at our season so far.Type: Channel TV Show
Bow Hunting, Max's late season bow hunt.
With eleven days of the 2013 / 14 Missouri archery season left Max sets out to fill a tag he had left. With a brand new Elite Energy 32 in hand,and Ethan running the new Cannon Vixia HFType: Channel TV Show