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South Carolina Hog Hunt
Blaine takes a trip back to South Carolina on year 4 for the elusive swamp hog that has eluded him for 3 years strait. Does he finally get a shot? Watch to find out.Type: Channel TV Show
Hog-a-Palooza 2011 - Part 1
A charity event for a soldier who's truck was blown up in Afghanistan and was left paralyzed. An off road wheelchair (Renegade) was donated to the soldier so that he could get back outdoors.Type: Channel TV Show
Pipeline Colorado elk hunt
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outback Outdoors 2011 Whitetail Episode - Season 4.11
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outback Outdoors Colorado Mountain Lion / Montana Elk - Season 4.10
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outback Outdoors - Graylen Goff Colorado Elk Hunt - Season 4.08
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outback Outdoors Wyoming Antelope 2011 - Season 4.07
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outback Outdoors Adam Wells' Colorado Elk Bowhunt - Season 4.06
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outback Outdoors Beronio Ca. Archery Bear Hunt 2011 - Season 4.01
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Amazing Shots - Argentina Pigeon Schlock
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Kill of the Week - Mid-Air Head Shots! (Argentina Hunt)
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Bear baiting in Maine
Maine is one of the few places that allows hunters to place baits for bear hunting. This is a short clip from a trail camera showing a sow and her cub visiting a bait site prior to hunting season. A true sportsman does NOT hunt a sow with a cub, and passes on a shot like this for more suitable game later.Type: Channel TV Show
The Brown Bess musket
This video shows you that a smooth bore musket can still be a challenging hunting weapon. You can fire .75 caliber round balls or even a "magnum" charge of birdshot. This gun is an ideal piece of hardware for those hunters who are obsessed with using The Holy Black during their hunting trips in the outdoors.Type: Channel TV Show
Wyoming Mule Deer and Antelope Spot and Stalk Part 2
Join The THC in a somewhat comical adventure in Wyoming as they chase Antelope and muleys spot and stalk with the bow. Channel TV Show
Dustin's Summer Hog Hunt at DB Hunting Ranch
Dustin Warncke makes a near impossible shot on a hog at DB Hunting ranch on this summer hog hunt with Barnett Crossbows, Grim Reaper Broadheads, and Channel TV Show
Big Nne Point 2012 Archery Season
Max takes a great 9 point early in Missouri's 2012 Archery season. Self filming can be tuff, he doesn't get the shot filmed but takes a great Buck none the less.Type: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped the danger of TICKS
Dr Stram talks all about the dangers of Ticks in Humans and Dr Delaney DVM talks all about the Dangers of Ticks in Dogs along with your hosts Chris Bates and Stephanie Calbro and Aaron B StainType: Channel TV Show
Camp Bass Part 2
No descriptionType: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped TV show
Host Chris Bates and Stephaine calabro are talking turkey with 14yr old Austin Buttle of Bennington VermontType: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets Unwrapped (Northshire Brewery)
Chris Bates And Stephanie Calabro are on Location at the Northshire Brewery in this 2 part showKerry Mara (Timber Quest)Type: Channel TV Show
Big Kansas Bucks - Backwoods Life 9.11 Full Episode
Michael Lee, Ryan Whitaker, and Woody Sullivan all head to the great state of Kansas hunting whitetail deer with their Elite bows.Type: Channel TV Show
Mauritius, Africa - Java Rusa Deer 1
Host and Professional Hunter Cliff Tulpa, on the beautiful African Island nation of Mauritius where he hunts for Java Deer with outfitter, Lionel Berthault, of Le Chasseur Mauricien. Mauritius is located east of Madagascar in the Indian Ocean.Guest hunters harvest a Mauritian Brown Pig and make an amazing shot on a Java Deer.Hunting Mauritius is part hunt and part vacation, thanks to the amazing accommodations provided by the Movenpick Resort and Aldana Day Spa.Type: Channel TV Show
Outdoor Secrets unwrapped
Chris Bates and Stephanie Calabro talking about Chris kissing a guy at the bar and Ted Hoag (Nemer Motors talking about Tow packages for you Hunting/Fishing TucksType: Channel TV Show
S1 EP 5
Pro Staffer Jeremy Myers and Field staffer Randy Fisher Start getting ready for the 2011 PA archery season.Type: Channel TV Show
S1 EP7
Pro Staffer Jeremy Myers goes out in search of a buck during the opening week of the 2011 PA archery seasonType: Channel TV Show