OFF the GRID with Trent and Heather


Heather and I have been extremely BLESSED from the creator of all things. God has let us share more than 20 years of our lives together chasing dreams. Through the trials of life, Happiness, Pain, Stress, for Better and Worse. We have endured as best friends, husband and wife , mommy and daddy. Life has been a roller coaster, Some things we would definitely go back and change if we could. But each day we get to spend enjoying time away from the realities of " MAKING A LIVING" and get to " MAKE A LIFE" are what we consider to be our heaven on earth. Going " OFF THE GRID" for us is any escape from what we all as people MUST do to SURVIVE in this world. Sometimes it is a family vacation, a unique work project away from our store, and sometimes it is getting way outta town to chase the critters God has put here on this planet for us to enjoy. We hope you enjoy coming along for the moments we can capture on film, and be a part of our " OFF THE GRID" adventures.