Urban Legendz was founded by Danny Christiansen, myself, after leaving a former company this year I felt that I need to get out of the shell and show the industry who I really was. I come from a background that most people in this industry would shake their heads at. I was in Hardcore, metal, punk rock band for most of my life and spent most of my teens and early twenties in bars and clubs playing shows all hours of the night, four to five nights a week and in and out of recording studios. I have always loved the outdoors and it has always been a part of my life but not like it is now with getting a show off the ground and producing the Legendz. I was always looking for a way to get that "redneck" stereotype, that comes with the hunter territory, away from what I wanted to do in this industry. Because I'm not a redneck and I have no reason to claim I am. I love the urban lifestyle and the fast pace of the city. Sometimes it's good to get away but I am a city boy and always will be no matter where I go. I am wild, some say I'm crazy, guess I always will be.