John Bingham


Age: 55
Hometown: Texas where the men are men and the sheep are scared
Favorite Place to Hunt: Anywhere USA
Favorite Method to Hunt: Archery

I am a native Texan who has resided in Arizona for ten years. I am a lifelong hunter, fisherman and outdoorsman. My first hunting experience was with my father when I was 8 years old and since that time, I have harvested whitetail deer, and other assorted small and big game animals. I have hunted and guided in the rugged brush country of South Texas, the mesquite flats of Southern Arizona and the wide open vistas of Northern Arizona. My favorite method for taking game is by archery. Although this is my primary means of hunting, I’ve also been known to dust off the rifle and chase game. My preferred tactic is to spot and stalk from a remote hillside or ridge. I’ve often felt that this method “evens the odds” and loans itself better to my sense of adventure and fair chase. Backcountry backpack style hunts are one of my favorite hunting activities. I consider myself a very ethical hunter and I have passed on more than one shot because I didn’t feel that the moment or situation would make for an ethical take. I pride myself on my general ‘nice guy attitude” and my sense of humor. I always put my client’s needs first as I truly want them to have the hunt of a lifetime. In addition to my outdoors activities, I also run two archery related groups on Facebook, Arizona Bowhunters and Broadhead Brotherhood, both with a combined membership of about 7000 people from all over the US, Canada and a few from Australia. Currently, I am in the process of developing the Broadhead Brotherhood group into some type of archery business, although this planning is in the very early stages. While I am not employed (I’m a full time construction safety manager) as a professional hunter or promotional staffer, I proudly promote products that have been useful to my outdoors experience, whether it is clothing, navigational devices, vehicles and other assorted outdoors gear. I do this through a variety of means which includes word of mouth and through my two Facebook groups.