Mathew Ament


Age: 53
Favorite Method to Hunt: bow

No Regrets Outdoors was developed off the single idea that we all dream of, wish for, and count down life’s seconds until we can be in those moments in-between work, school, and other of life’s ”Must” do’s. It is when we step into our “WANT to’s”, i.e. hunting & fishing, that we truly start to live and not just exist. This site is designed for all of us to be able to share our experiences, our pictures, those campfire stories, as well as the equipment we used and loved or used and hated. Most of all though, to be able to share and enjoy the adventures of people who truly live for these moments that are the most special to us all. We promote taking it to the limit, getting away from the creature comforts, stepping off the beaten path and challenging your mind, body and spirit. Challenge your ability to hunt, to survive, and to be the most successful you can be on your adventures. We encourage photography and videos of your adventures. No matter how amateur, or how advanced you are. We love to see it through your eyes, how it happened in real life. We want everyone to be able to post their stories here without worry of judgement or ridicule, just to simply share their passion with everyone. If you experience something meaningful, we here at No Regrets want to share it with you, and to share it with the world. So slow down, enjoy the journey, LIVE THE MOMENT and CAPTURE THE MEMORY! So when you return home to your “must-do’s”, you will know deep down that you gave it your all, and can forever reflect back on your trips with a honest sense of NO REGRETS!