Monte Miles


Age: 40

I was born and raised in eastern South Dakota. At a very young age my father taught me the rights and the wrongs about hunting and conservation. My passion for wildlife hasn't stopped since those younger days. I obtained my BS in Wildlife and Fisheries Science from South Dakota State University. After traveling around the country on summer jobs I soon got another passion in my life besides hunting, Wildlife Photography. After marrying and having a kid we decided to make the plunge and move to the mecca of hunting and wildlife photography, Western Wyoming. Our family moved to Pinedale, Wyoming in 2011. Pinedale sits at the foothills of the Wind River, Wyoming and Gros Venture Mountain Ranges. Wildlife is abundant which means the opportunity to take and film this critters on an everyday basis is my life. When it comes to hunting my passions lie in Mule Deer, Pronghorn and Predators. I currently own and operate Earned Media and Earned-The DIY Journal. Earned Media is a filming company that I run that focuses on wildlife, hunting and the people involved in both aspects. We plan on starting our own web show in the very near future. Earned-The DIY Journal is a web based DIY magazine that is focusing on big game hunting, predator hunting, fitness, conservation, photography and videography. My whole family lives and breathes the great outdoors and my goal is to bring that to others via print and photography. Monte Miles President of Operations Beyond Addiction Adventures