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Bow Hunting, Joe's Buck Nov. 19th Self Filmed 2013
On Nov.9th Travis and I went hunting together. After hunting all year together we decided to split up hoping to increase our odds at taking a good buck, each of us had our camera's.Turns out we both got a buck! Here's how it went down for me.Type: Channel TV Show
S4 EP1 (Redemption)
Follow along as staffer Denny Witt goes after a buck he has been watching all year known as "The Big 13pt"Type: Channel TV Show
Geat Buck Down! 2014
November 8th 2014, Prime time to harvest a good Buck. After some close encounters it finally comes together. With Travis on the camera and me after this particular Buck watch what happensType: Channel TV Show
The Smash Nose Buck Gets Dumped w/ Cody Wright
Cody Wright has had an incredible 2012 season, and capped it off by killing the 'Smash Nose' buck while hunting over a standing bean field.Type: Channel TV Show
Buckroyd's and Bourbs birds
Tom Buckroyd and Jason Bourbonnais get it done kill two big Iowa thunder chickens with their bows….Type: Channel TV Show
Brayton Hurley arrowed a buck in November but never recovered him. 2 months later, Brayton has another encounter, and this time redeems himself.Type: Channel TV Show
Tayler's Season of Successes
Tayler Riggen worked hard this summer and early fall in Iowa to be as prepared as possible come season. It paid off in a BIG way. Tayler filled two tags before November even arrived, including a tag on one BIG IA buck.Type: Channel TV Show
Sieck's Season
Greg Sieck has the season of his life, killing two good Iowa bucks during the same week.Type: Channel TV Show
Wee Man- Season 2
Little hunter Wee Man Boots knocks down his second buck in two years during Northern Missouri's youth season.Type: Channel TV Show
WWDO TV Season 1 Episode 1
The "007" BuckType: Channel TV Show
WWDO TV Season 1 Episode 4
Limpy Bucks and Singing Does.Type: Channel TV Show
WWDO TV Season 1 Episode 5
Kansas BucksType: Channel TV Show
WWDO TV Season 1 Episode 9
"Boulder Mans" PA Buck HuntType: Channel TV Show
WWDO TV Season 2 Episode 11
Co-Owner Jason Keffer puts a nice PA Buck on the groundType: Channel TV Show
WWDO TV Season 2 Episode 13
Ken Hammel head to his home state of PA for the Rifle Season Opener in search of a nice PA BuckType: Channel TV Show
PA Archery Big 8
Co-host Zane Grimm has a nice buck on the ground. Host Evan Is Still on the Quest.Type: Channel TV Show
Rifle Hunting NE Whitetail Bucks
As we hunted the North East we had some great success during Rifle season! Zane Grimm scores on a nice NY buck and Evan Grimm continues his management strategies!Type: Channel TV Show
Monster 164" Whitetail Bow Kill
Luke Fabian smokes a giant 164 inch whitetail at just 12 yards in Ohio. Join him as he takes you through his journey from dreaming of big bucks in his college bio lab, to the shot and recovery of his biggest buck to date. -- I do not own the rights to these songs. -- Channel TV Show
Thanksgiving Day Whitetail Bow Kill
Luke Fabian has been bowhunting hard all season. And with two buck tags filled in Ohio and Kentucky, he's headed back to his home state of Ohio to practice some doe management. Join him as he takes you through his adventure on Thanksgiving night to fill his freezer with backstraps and even out the doe to buck ratio on his property. Channel TV Show
Savage Outdoors FULL EPISODE Ohio Whitetail Giants
Chris and Von Ramsey are hunting in Ohio with Hunt Masters lodge for giant whitetails with the bow. Both Chris and Von have had great success here in the past and are looking to repeat. There is no doubt if the guys put their time in there is a very good chance they will kill a giant buck.Type: Channel TV Show
a very senior solocam bowhunter hunts whitetail bucks in Illinois and KentuckyType: Channel TV Show
Travis takes a mature Doe in early October. and with only one day left before I was going to Kansas to film Quiet Kats Jake Roach for a week I managed to harvest a Big MO Buck.Type: Channel TV Show
Bowfishing Guide Marty McIntyre and Bowfishing - "Interview with the Masters"
Bowfishing guide Marty McIntyre with GARQUEST covers all things Bowfishing with co-Host Dustin Warncke in this "Interview with the Masters"Type: Channel Radio Show
Randy "Mac" McMillian covers Predator Hunting in this "Interview with the Masters"
Randy "Mac" McMillian covers Predator Hunting with co-Host Dustin Warncke in this "Interview with the Masters"Type: Channel Radio Show
Quality Deer Management/QDM
Quality Deer Management/QDM*-starts with good genetics. A healthy deer herd, availability of ...Type: Article