Have a TV show and looking to expand your viewer base?

The Hunting Channel is the oldest, most recognized network on the web. We know what it’s like to run a TV show and how hard it is to compete for sponsorship money we are here to help you build brand awareness and promote your sponsors ultimately converting more funding for your program. Plus we are the only network offering an affiliate program that not only saves you money but earns you commission for your efforts.

Why air on the Web?

There is a growing trend for internet based TV. Mobile technology coupled with human nature to have instant gratification is driving many companies to grow “Web TV”. The Hunting Channel’s founder dreamt up the concept because he was frustrated with the availability of hunting shows, the times they aired, and the amount of commercials associated with them. We lunched THC in 2004, and were the first and still the number one most watched network on the net.

With web TV people can watch “their shows” anytime anyplace form and devise. As we advance through time less and less people are sitting in front of the TV, there is simply no time. We are working longer hours and our free time is spent on a multitude of other activities. Even radio station are streaming there shows on the web. That is why we continue to move forward, in order for our industry to stay on track. We need meet our followers’ needs by giving them access to our shows on their terms.

THC Benefits:
  • Available in every household, office, room, etc. virtually anywhere there is a computer, smartphone and the internet, we are viewed internationally 24/7.
  • The majority of our programming focuses on hunting. We do not clutter our programing with extreme sports or cycling. Hunting is what we do and we do it best!
  • Reach Qualified viewers: Don’t gamble on the fact you will reach your target audience, find customer who are searching for you
  • Enjoy the Ability to showcase your sponsors and gain them real traffic and SEO.
  • Join affiliate programs that put money back in your pocket.
  • Sell commercial time on our website for extra revenue or take advantage of discounted rates to promote a sponsor.

Get the best for the best producer rate in the industry other air time slots on similar platforms cost anywhere from $2,500 to $10,000 and they don’t have the following, features, technology, bandwidth, or the name recognition we have.

Two ways to air with US:

Become an Affiliate: As an affiliate your airtime will be FREE and you have the opportunity to actually make money from traffic you help drive to our site. Find Out MoreCost Effective Airtime: For only $1,500 a year you can air as many shows as you would like, and you will be able to showcase 6 of your top sponsors within your show page with hyperlinks to your sponsors, all your advertising content remains intact within each show no space is removed for network advertising. And you are allowed one 30 sec commercial that will play at random in our home page player. Sign Me Up


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